How to Create 9,000,000 Jobs: A NEW THEORY

Post-war recessions have averaged 11 months. Why is this one taking so much longer? Because this is no recession. We’re treating the wrong disease. In 1990, in my book Penturbia, I predicted that depression—not recession—would likely strike at some time during 1990-2017. It happened. Unemployment has already risen for over three years and remains stuck at more than 9 percent. My theory of prosperity and depression is based on a fundamental correction to standard economics: Economics assumes that individual decision-makers do not influence each other. Of course they do. People interact through a multitude of channels such as movies, plays, lectures, radio, TV, advertising, political campaigns, emails, web-sites and personal contacts. Via those many channels, ‘We the People’ periodically... [Read more]

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Hello and welcome to the homepage for Socio-Economics! Here you may find video, audio, books, articles and more pertaining to the field of SocioEconomics: a revolutionary theory of how our society operates, based on the ever-changing and collective values of its citizens, popularized by economists Jack Lessinger and Ranger Kidwell-Ross. Click here to go to our blog.  Read More →

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