“In one word, I feel I can sum up my review of your new book about Penturbia. That word is Bravo. I found your thesis 100% palatable, your work studious, and your writing style easy to digest. Your book has marked a major turning point in my life and I want you to know that I say this with utmost sincerity. I feel your work has pointed me in the right direction.”
— Robert Holmes

“As one who has read both “Boom Counties” and “Penturbia”, I must say I find your theories of demographic transition both ingenious and fascinating.”
— John Holcomb

“Brilliant description of socioeconomics, its related cycles and imperatives in a way that is clear, succinct and very convincing…”
— Rein Kuris, Creative Director, Sight Plans Inc.

“… communicates the concreteness of statistics as well as more subtle contributions in theory and philosophy. This is not a formidable book. It’s an easy read … We commend you on a job well done.”
— K.Blair Hives, Staff Economist & Monetary Consultant, Monetary and Economic Review

“After making millions of dollars in Canadian real estate over the last seventeen years, I have suddenly and totally switched my investment thrust from cities to certain small towns because of Dr. Lessinger’s brilliant insights.”
— Raymond Aaron, Canadian Real Estate Lecturer and Investor

“No one has provided a better conceptual framework for understanding the bear market in North American real estate than Jack Lessinger.”
— Robert Czeschin, Director of Research, Tai Pan

“I have been engrossed in your book [Boom Counties] since I got it. It is both awesome and brilliant. I have read quite a bit pertaining to wave theories, such as the Kondratieff Wave and the Elliot Wave. However, what is interesting is how you have managed to actually explain the why behind it all….”
— Theresa Yarosh

“There are many I-done-it-and-so-can-you-books and seminars in real estate, but none that shares the depth of why, when and where of your books.”
— David McElwain