Ranger Kidwell-Ross

Ranger Kidwell-Ross, President
SocioEconomics, Inc.

Ranger grew up in the middle of the Little King era of prosperity. His diverse educational background spans from a rural, one-room grade school during his elementary years to undergraduate and graduate degrees in Economics.

Ranger has spent the past two decades unknowingly engaged on the leading edge of Responsible Capitalism. An early ‘dream job’ as VP of Marketing for the nation’s largest private legal network—where his marketing plan was featured in Inc. magazine—caused him to realize there was more to happiness than three-piece suits and business power.

This re-evaluation led him to purchase a home on wooded acreage in northwest Washington state, where he has operated a successful consulting company from his home office for over 20 years. Ranger’s writing and Internet publishing work have garnered him 19 national APEX Awards for Publication Excellence since 1994, as well as other honors and accolades.

Long an advocate of giving back to the greater good, Ranger was a founding member of a regional environmental group, Habitat Watch, and has donated his time to non-profit and charity events as a performance artist for over 30 years. An accomplished percussionist, Ranger has enjoyed a lifetime of wide-ranging musical experiences, including a headline appearance in 2007 at Thailand’s 2nd World Music Festival.

In the early 1990s, recognizing the importance of ensuring the Earth’s clean water supply, Ranger founded American Sweeper magazine to address the impact of stormwater runoff pollution generated from pavement and other impervious surfaces. Today, he continues to be managing editor at WorldSweeper.com, the world’s leading power sweeping resource. The site focuses on providing educational information and support materials targeting education on the best management techniques for pollutant removal from paved surfaces.

Ranger’s association with Jack Lessinger began in the mid-1990s, when the two neighbors discovered their coinciding interests. In late 2008, Ranger embraced the opportunity to represent Lessinger’s Socio-Economic Theory in the U.S. and abroad.
In addition to conducting interviews on behalf of the company, Ranger also is available for seminars and public speaking engagements on the topic of Socio-Economic Theory and other, related, topics.