What is Likelihood the Current Stimulus Package Will Work?

This audio exchange between Jack Lessinger and Ranger Kidwell-Ross, principals of SocioEconomics, Inc., was spurred by a July 9, 2009 article by Doyle McManus, writer for the Los Angeles Times (“Waiting for the ‘OOMPH’) questioning whether the current stimulus package is sufficient.

McManus said, in part: “Obama and his aides…forecast unemployment would rise to about 8 percent this year and peak around 9 percent next year. …But January’s forecast turned out to be far too optimistic. Last month, the national jobless rate hit 9.5 percent, and economists expect it to top 10 percent by the end of the year. In (some states) it’s more than 11 percent already. …Does that mean the stimulus is failing?”

Lessenger and Kidwell-Ross discuss the stimulus package’s likely results given socio-economic theory’s recognition that the former consumer economy will not return in its previous form. Click on the ‘play’ button to listen to the 14-minute audio. No files will download to your computer.

Discussing Our Declining ‘Throwaway’ Society

In this 18-minute audio exchange between Socio-Economics, Inc. principals, Jack Lessinger and Ranger Kidwell-Ross, they discuss the movement toward what might be called a ‘responsible and rechargeable’ society, and away from our current ‘throwaway’ mindset. The exchange began based on the companion article by Ranger entitled “Throwaway Batteries: Buying What We’re Sold.”

The latter portion of the audio discusses how the fast food industry is based on much the same concept of a habitual way of acting based on a perceived lower cost and time-savings. The two socio-economists elaborate on the much higher actual costs ‘We the People’ have bought into when we both buy alkaline batteries and frequent fast food restaurants. We also <a href=”″ target=”_self”>offer</a> on this website an article by Kidwell-Ross on the same topic.