Discussing Our Declining ‘Throwaway’ Society

In this 18-minute audio exchange between Socio-Economics, Inc. principals, Jack Lessinger and Ranger Kidwell-Ross, they discuss the movement toward what might be called a ‘responsible and rechargeable’ society, and away from our current ‘throwaway’ mindset. The exchange began based on the companion article by Ranger entitled “Throwaway Batteries: Buying What We’re Sold.”

The latter portion of the audio discusses how the fast food industry is based on much the same concept of a habitual way of acting based on a perceived lower cost and time-savings. The two socio-economists elaborate on the much higher actual costs ‘We the People’ have bought into when we both buy alkaline batteries and frequent fast food restaurants.

Follow this link to read a related article by SocioEconomics Inc. President Ranger Kidwell Ross, titled “Throwaway Batteries: Buying What We’re Sold”